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Modernization And Its Effects On Human Lifestyle

In the olden days, people use to perform all the activities manually. It can be either the domestic work or the professional work they use to depend on human power. With the development of the science and technology and the effects of civilization, people learned using various tools, machines, equipment, and devices. Today the entire world is running behind the technology, and there is no such place where its impact is not possible. With the help of the technology, in many sectors like medicine, industries and especially in the education many impressive achievements are possible. The word modernization has become a suitable term for the development taking place everywhere.

People have been using several types of machines and appliances that can help them in performing their task quickly. Even for accomplishing the daily routines they have been using the devices such as washing machines for washing clothes, dishwashers for cleaning utensils, ovens for cooking and heating food, etc. All these appliances are doing the work directly for the people. But what worries is the emission of radiation because of enormous usage of these appliances. Even after the manufacturers prefer the EMC compliance testing for various products, they need to produce and market these things for having profits. People are also not thinking about the hazardous effects of radiation. They are using various smartphones that are available in the markets in a wide range from multiple manufacturers. Even though the manufacturers are aware of the radiation effect of their product, they cannot stop manufacturing the product. Instead of avoiding such products people are purchasing them happily. All these things indicate the modern society and using the latest gadgets, electronic appliances and other things show the contemporary culture. It can be the minimum responsibility of the manufacturing companies to maintain the product standards by conducting the various tests and experiments depending on the features and the properties of the products. Different companies have been producing various products, and they all need to have the quality assurance standards which is essential for the consumer satisfaction and review.

Various products need to have different standards, and multiple devices like vibration testing equipment are available with these companies to check the criteria. Most of the companies have been maintaining their standards while producing their products. These products should not cause any harm to the environment, and it cannot be possible unless people take proper precautionary measures while using them. They need to reduce the usage of such products that can produce the radiation in the surroundings. In the modern world, all the activities are carried out using various machines, devices, and appliances. People got habituated to these machines and are not able to manage their operations without using them.

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