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How Thermal Imaging Can Save Your Home

Thermal imaging cameras is commonly used in utility and industrial plants, but recently even residential homes and commercial property have been benefiting from thermography. Using infrared wavelengths, these cameras can measure thermal signature of an area determined to be as small as an electrical box to as large as your home. The outcome of these thermographs show a range of heat marks that we can’t see with our own vision, which could reveal problems that we would not normally see. In some homes bad insulation, roof leaks and electrical malfunctions are commonly hard to spot because they are hidden from view. So if you still have doubts here are reasons why thermal imaging would be a valuable asset.

Spotting Electrical Issues

As a homeowner are you confident that all your circuit breakers and other electrical equipment in your building are working properly? Thermal imagers can take measurements from a distance and they are ideal for findings problems in equipment that could endanger the people occupying the home. If your circuits are shown to be overheating then they are likely to fail which could lead power failure or a fire.

Identify Thermal Problems

Although ultraviolet cameras can’t read air high temperature they assist you in measuring the effect it has on a surface. This allows you to determine if the air flow is enough to expend heat or cooling in a particular room. If you are new home owner and considering renovating, then during the Melbourne building inspections thermal imaging cameras can be used to take pictures of the roof and walls so that you are made aware that there are areas where there might not be enough insulation. So infrared cameras can cover a wide area and it’s not unusual to that problems would pop up unexpectedly.

Roofing Problems

In any house the roof is an asset and leak from the roof could ruin or damage things in the house. A private building surveyor can use thermography to assess conditions and spot problems before they become an issue for the homes occupiers. When there are roof problems it usually could mean there is a puncture and this would result in water, mainly due to rain or due to high humidity, saturating the insulation above the roof deck. So when moisture exists it would heat up during the day but by night time your roof would radiate that heat but the moisture on the roof would take longer to radiate because of their greater thermal mass.

Plumbing Blockage

Plumbing issues can develop over time and can be costly. Drains are an easy way to get rid of debris and trash but also causes major blockage in the plumbing lines. By turning on the hot water, the thermal imaging camera can detect the heat and see the flow of the water and follow the water to where the blockage is.As homeowner you can find out so much about you home with the use of thermal cameras and fix problems imminently and avoid a costly repair job.

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