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How Is The Web Design Different From Website Developing?

Web design and web developing is the term which are used interchangeably but these are the separate terms. These are usually combined because many of the web companies provide both of these services therefore, the customer thinks that it is the name of the same thing. Although, these are different things and require different skill set and in the software houses there are usually separate engineers for web designing and web developing.

Web design as the name represent is related to the design of the website which is that how the website will actually look. The people who actually do the web design do not really use any kind of programming language but they use adobe and many other tools to create the website front look. The role of the web designers is to take requirement from the client about their kind of website and then transform their idea in to the website which is aesthetically appealing and user friendly. Web design is usually taken very underrated but the truth is that the website developer cannot start developing the website unless and until he has not been given the web design by the web designer.

Not only this but if the web is not designed properly and is not appealing then it will not attract any customer and neither the client will ever be satisfied and happy with it. It is the important part of the job of the web designer to design such websites which prove to be very welcoming and are able to keep the user occupied on it. There are different elements that go in the making of the right web design and all of these must be taken in consideration to develop an interface which is practical and is according to the exact requirement of the client.

The work of the website developer starts after the work of the web designer. These are the people who actually develop the website and give life to the design of the web designer. They are the people who make use of various kind of languages to develop the website, these could be HTML, CSS, PHP, .NET and many other such kind of languages. Even in the website developers there are two major types. One is called the front-end website developers who are the engineers dealing with the interface of the website and these are the people who develop the web screens in computer language such as the JS, CSS, and HTML which were developed by the web designer in some other non-technical tool. Then there are the back-end website developers who develops the functionality and features of the website and they typically work in the PHP and SQL languages.

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