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Best Flooring Choice For Heavy Traffic Areas

Commercial areas like factories, schools, hospitals and airports require high maintenance because of the constant traffic. A main feature of such an area is the floor which is easily susceptible to wear and tear over time. Therefore before these areas are constructed it is important that the best flooring is selected in order to avoid regular maintenance and reparations of the floor. Apart from the durability of the floor, the style and appearance must also be taken into account. Here are some of the best choices for heavy traffic area floors which is not only strong but also looks good.


Advanced flooring like hiperfloor polished concrete is extremely durable because of it’s hard texture. It is also pretty easy to maintain because it doesn’t collect dust or stains. Therefore in areas like cafeterias concrete flooring is a suitable choice since it requires less maintenance. The polished surface adds a beautiful texture to the floor and makes the area look appealing. Concrete is also a good choice for buildings in areas with extreme weather conditions because the floor warms up during winter and cools during summer time.

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles are available in a range of designs to suit customer wants. Although ceramic tiles aren’t as durable as epoxy flooring Townville it is able to withstand wear and tear and is known to be cost effective. There are different types of tiles available according to the roughness and strength needed. Different styles of the tiles can be installed in different areas of the business and it is considered easy to install as well.


Most customers rule out wood because of it’s inability to bear the brunt and scratches but modern advancements in hardwood flooring has substantially improvised the strength and durability. There are strong wood types with high durability and resilience to scratches. Wood is well known for the modern look it adds to the space and could be the best option for offices and high class restaurants.


Every builders popular choice due to its durability and also cost effectiveness. Vinyl flooring is the best option for high school cafeterias and hospitals because of the low maintenance it requires which is basic sweeping and mopping unlike carpets which requires continuous vacuuming and maintenance. Vinyl flooring is also easy to walk on especially in large business areas where employees need to walk to different departments. It also creates less noise pollution because of its light texture which is a good option for hospitals where less noise must be made since patients must not be disturbed.

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