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Advantage Of The Steel Foundations

Deep foundation is one type of foundation that is used to transfer the load imposed by heavy structures such as buildings deep in to ground. On the other hand there is shallow foundation which does not transfer the load to the deeper depth as the deep foundation. Deep foundations are constructed using number of ways. One way is the use of screw piles.

Deep foundation could also be made by using various materials such as timber, steel and concrete. The type of foundation that make use of steel is known as steel foundation.

Steel is a strong metal and provides many benefits therefore using steel in construction also comes with great many benefits. The tensile strength which the metal of steel provides is much more greater and stronger to the one which is provided by the concrete. Another huge advantage that the steel foundations provide is their property of ductility. Steel metal is very ductile whereas the concrete is not. If the foundation of concrete fails and gets weak this then these foundations will immediately collapse without giving any signs before. On the other hand, the steel offers ductility which is the warning before it collapse or break. This warning gives enough time before the fall that any structure could be evacuated in this time.

The steel can withstand much more weight than the concrete. The foundations or structures that utilize steel in their constructions are very quickly developed. A structure which needs to be developed in a very short amount of time may utilize steel in its construction because the construction time of steel is very much less than the construction time of the concrete. Concrete is used once and it can not be used again whereas the bars of steel provide the feature of reusability. If the steel bars in their good form then these can be reused in any other structure. The structure made from steel offers great flexibility. If any modification is required in the strength of the some structure then the steel constructions could be extended very easily and without any trouble but this can not be even possible in case of concrete. Once concrete is made then its structure can not be changed. Not only this but the structure of steel are very cost effective. The concrete is much more expensive than the steel metal therefore structure made from steel are less expensive. This tells that steel does not only save time but also saves the cost 

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