Adding A Modern Touch To Your House

Even though you own a small house it could be made quite stylish and modern looking by following a simple set of steps. The limited floor space is not a matter when it comes to applying the contemporary touches of house changing. If you read and inspect closely you will see how interior designers are using various tips and tricks to make this happen.

Planning the change

Before starting you must have an idea of the scale of things. Draw up a plan of the house interior or you can use the one which is already drawn when the house was built. However make sure it shows the inner space clearly. Decide on what to use to show that the surroundings are more chick than they really are; for example you can use neutral colours and earthly tones for the walls. Paring and use of hush tones makes space seem bigger. Look closely in door seams and floor cracks. If you are planning any caulking Melbourne that need to be done prior to painting. In case of using wood in the house to get a richer look, prime the wood for a better finish; first you need to clean it thoroughly then the primer can be applied.

What to buy?

If you are planning on adding some furniture also to get the new look of the house, make sure you go for the right stuff. Bright coloured pieces will stand out and draw attention to them rather than the size of the room. You can try hanging mirrors in the wall to enlarge the space. Knocking down walls is also an option; sometimes there need not be a wall between the dining room and the pantry or the kitchen. Freed up space must not be filled with furniture but used in a way that can add more sophistication. For example, the white walls can be used to hang a nice painting. It better be a colourful one as dark themes make space get narrower. When you are buying furniture for the dining room, make sure not to buy large chairs and a table that fills the whole room. Unless you expect to entertain a whole extended family, a simple table with six chairs around it will serve the purpose.

Finding space

Look for space! And use it wisely. What about under the staircase? You can make it a great library with in-built bookshelves. But make sure it is not dampened. Look at the outside. Perhaps there is enough space for a terrace? You need not buy anything extra for it; any slightly aged furniture which you are planning to get rid of will fit in nicely at home there. Add some white pebbles and plant some trees. You can try hanging plants or even a small pond. Finish the door leading to the terrace in glass so outside can be viewed from your living room. It will add another feeling of larger space. You can probably find a cheap glass door in place that do proper glass repairs. There is no need to fret about your house looking like a “dump”. What is important is who lives in it. If you have the willpower it takes just a few plans to get a modern house.

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